Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cambridge Public Library
Meeting: Board of Trustees
Date: December 12, 2013
Time: 6:30 PM
Place: Board Room, 449 Broadway


/Present: Bill B. Janet A. Andre M. Nancy W. Pat P. SF MG/
[William Barry, Janet Axelrod, Andre Mayer, Nancy Woods, Patricia Payne, Susan Flannery, Marilyn Gagalis]


[checkmarked]1. Minutes: November 19, 2013

[checkmarked]2. Correspondence:
. Jane Newton Saladin

[checkmarked]3. Old Business:

[checkmarked]. Fundraising /NEA Grant--did not get, Debra Hoover, consultant is working diligently: she thinks we don't need a feasibility study, Have not found a proper consultant,/

[checkmarked]. Accept final draft of mission statement /unanimously accepted/
         /This will be presented w/ vision to Dept. Hds 12/13/13./

[checkmarked]4. New Business:

[checkmarked]. FY15 Budget /O'Connell Branch needs restoration, Outside of bldg is in bad shape. It will be a capitol budget request. We will apply for a community preservation grant to supplement./

[checkmarked]. Conflict of Interest Acknowledgement

/Plan to talk about strategic plan? January/

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